Buffalo’s new wave of manufacturing

Buffalo has a storied history of manufacturing and innovation. But a new wave of manufacturing tools and techniques is making Buffalo a hub of manufacturing innovation.

Investments by organizations like Staub Machining, Buffalo Manufacturing Works, and BAK USA are allowing workers to produce goods at increasing rates and exceedingly high quality.

Cobots, Industrial 3-D printers, and automated CNC machines are some of the tools these companies are using to build the future of Buffalo. And they are big proponents of advanced manufacturing startups applying to the 43North competition.

“It’s a great opportunity for them to have visibility,” said Tony Staub of Staub Machining. “The partnerships they form and the people they meet will play into the potential success of their business.”

Staub Machining has been based in WNY for over 40 years, and was one of the first companies to introduce cobots (robotic arms) that assisted their machinists with supplementary tasks.

Similarly, Bak USA, the only tablet manufacturer in the United States, implemented a similar cobot system in their Michigan Ave. manufacturing facility. The Bak cobots pass off parts to their human counterparts and aid them in tablet assembly.

“We thought we’d have to go global to initiate our cobotics program,” said Christian Bak, Bak USA VP of Products. “Not at all, that was right here in Buffalo.”


Bak USA partnered with Buffalo Manufacturing Works to implement their cobot assistance. Buffalo Manufacturing Works offers services in robotics, 3-D printing, machining, product analysis, and more for businesses of nearly any size in WNY. Companies like Moog, a worldwide leader in aerospace engineering, use Buffalo Manufacturing Works for help in product development or using the tools at the facility to analyze the microscopic fabric of a future product.

Buffalo Manufacturing Works also houses one of the largest metal 3-D printers on the market, one that can crank out parts 5 feet x 5 feet x 7 feet – length, width, and height, for those whose high school math may be rusty.

“This is one of seven in the world, the other six are at undisclosed installations,” said Nadine Powell, Ops Manager at Buffalo Manufacturing Works. That’s code for the government uses them for things we can’t discuss here.

BMW Cobot Website

Powell agrees that advanced manufacturing startups can benefit from the opportunities that winning the 43North competition can provide, and also believes that Buffalo Manufacturing Works is here to help them reach the next level.

“Manufacturers told us they needed access to resources to help them innovate, and that’s what we were founded to do,” Powell said.

But words are one thing, a video is another. Watch below as we toured some of these facilities and spoke to industry leaders about how 43North could be a good fit for advanced manufacturing startups.

How can you be a part of this startup scene?

You have until 11:59PM EDT on May 24th, 2017 to apply to the 43North competition.  Register today and grow your startup in the budding startup ecosystem in Buffalo, New York.

Are your eyes on the million dollar prize?