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BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — The 43North business competition is giving 16 entrepreneurs from around the world a shot at a million dollars. A local company called Abcombi Sciences is one of the finalists.

At the University at Buffalo’s North campus, a lot of work is done in the Biochemical Engineering lab.

“We are a drug discovery company that is positioning technology to develop new and better vaccines and anti infectives,” said Charles Jones, Abcombi Biosciences CEO.

Charles Jones is one of the four founders of Abcombi Biosciences that originated at UB, but has also expanded to Toronto. The company develops pneumonia vaccines and anti-viral drugs for influenza.

“We’re not blinded by the classic design of vaccines that you just put a little bit in there and hopefully it works, we’re very strategic about what we select so what that means is our vaccines specifically pneumonia, it targets a aspect of the disease that no one has ever done before so we’re on an unexplored frontier of this disease,” said Jones.

Abcombi Biosciences was founded a little over a year ago, and is now one of 16 finalists in the 43North business competition. Jones says winning the grand prize of 1 million dollars would allow the company to put all their forces in Buffalo and make it the hub.

“We entertained the idea of a company and then the support system here really built it through so 43North is the capstone to the process to develop technology from the bench and translate it into a successful company,” said Jones.

Right now the company is still in the pre-clinical stage, doing toxicology and advocacy studies. Jones says the company hopes to start distributing the vaccines to clinical science soon.

Jones said if the company wins, they’d love to have a space in downtown Buffalo. On Wednesday October 26th the 16 finalists will pitch to 43North’s final judges.

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Buffalo based company 1 of 16 finalists for 43North business competition

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