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Top Seedz Plan for Growth

Top Seedz has big plans for expansion and growth – all right here in WNY. Catch out this excellent Believe in Buffalo spotlight from WKBW-TV.


Buffalo Named One of the Top-Five Fastest Growing Startup Cities

York IE recently named Buffalo as the fifth fastest-growing startup city, in America, coming in over cities like Tampa, Dallas, and LA. Local companies that helped Buffalo rise to the top half of this list include Kangarootime (Y4), Circuit Clinical (Y6), Verivend (Y7), ACV Auctions (Y2). But, this is only the beginning for Buffalo and we know firsthand that […]


Circuit Clinical Raises $29M in Series C

Circuit Clinical closed a $29M round as part of its Series C. The round was led by Denver-based Breakout Investment Partners, with contributors including two of Circuit Clinical’s strategic partners, Medidata and Labcorp. READ MORE


Catching Up with the Y7 Cohort

The Buffalo News editorial board caught up with the eight companies who recently joined 43North on the 24th floor of Seneca One. Overall, the founders are digging in, getting to work, and quickly feeling the support of a unique program and community that are rallying around them. Read more


Field Notes from the Climb by Irfan Khan, Circuit Clinical

Field Notes from the Climb.  Written by Irfan Khan, CEO & Founder of Circuit Clinical Every time I’m tempted to tell another founder what they should do, I’m reminded of the adage my mentor, Dr. David Rosenbaum, lived by: “Free advice is generally worth what you paid for it.” With that paradox noted, I’d like […]


Influential Black Founders to Follow on Social Media

Here are 7 influential Black founders to follow on social media: Historically, Black business owners face a unique set of challenges on their road to success. While there is still a lot of work to be done in our industry to ensure Black founders’ voices are heard, a select few are blazing the trail, both […]


Whose Your Landlord raises $2.1M

Whose Your Landlord (Y6) secured $2.1 million of seed funding with the help of several VC firms and angel investors. One of which is Buffalo’s own, Michael Tobin, owner of Fresh Catch Poke Co. Read More


Scott Wayman’s Q&A with The Information

The Information sat down with Scott Wayman, founder of Kangarootime (Y4), who pulled back the curtains on his journey from Long Beach to Buffalo. In the Q&A, Scott talks about his bicoastal family, his experience with Buffalo’s tech scene, and why he chooses to stay and grow his business in Western New York.  Read More


Circuit Clinical’s groundbreaking partnership with Medidata

Circuit Clinical (Y6) has entered an exclusive and “groundbreaking” partnership with Medidata. CEO of Circuit Clinical, Irfan Khan says this partnership will be transformative for the life sciences industry and help bring care to communities who historically have had limited access. Read more on Yahoo! Finance


How to Celebrate Black History Month at Your Startup

  Each February, Black History Month is celebrated to honor the culture and tell the stories of the Black community. But, we’re not just talking about things that happened in the past. There is still a lot of work that we all have to do to become authentically inclusive, empathetic, and diverse in the workplace. […]


Venture Capital Trends to Watch in 2022

In the last seven years, funding for Buffalo-based startups grew a staggering 1,750% and in 2021, we saw a record number of companies going public (both nationally and locally – ahem, ACV). While we’re coming off a blockbuster year for startup success and funding, we predict there will be similar trends in 2022, specifically in […]