We’ve produced over 100 episodes of our podcast, Latitude. That means we’ve had plenty of opportunities to talk about the 43North competition and accelerator program.

So we’ve compiled a list of episodes for you to check out while you or your startup consider applying for the $5,000,000 competition!

Latitude Live – Featuring Nadia Hamilton

Back in early June, we held a fantastic live edition of our podcast with the always happy Founder and President of Magnusmode, Nadia Hamilton. Nadia talks about her incredible entrepreneurship journey, why creating a tool for those living with autism is so important to her, and how Buffalo has welcomed her with open arms.

Now Accepting Applications

Brian Straka is THE MAN behind the scenes that runs the application period for the 43North competition. In this episode, we chat with Brian about the competition and why startups should apply.

Latitude 100 – Featuring Joe Nieman and Dan Magnuszewski

ONE. HUNDRED. EPISODES. Who would have thought we got here? To celebrate our centenarian episode, we chat with two of the three founders of ACV Auctions, Joe Neiman and Dan Magnuszewski. ACV has gone on to raise over a hundred million dollars and grown to over 700 employees across the country. We’d be hard pressed to find a better example of a startup that has defined success after winning the 43North competition.

Latitude Live from the 43North Finals

Live from the Finals! While the judges deliberated who would win at the 2018 43North Finals, host Nate Benson sat on stage with Davielle Jackson and Scott Wayman, recipients of the 2018 follow-on funding award – which invests even more money into startups from the portfolio each year.

Latitude Live – Featuring Bethany Deshpande

In a very MOOOving episode, we chat with Bethany Desphande, CEO of SomaDetect, about moving her startup from Canada to Buffalo and how the AI-powered dairy sensor startup has seen incredible growth and partnerships since relocating to Buffalo

Latitude Live – Featuring Davielle Jackson

Davielle Jackson is an inspiring entrepreneur who is out to revolutionize women’s health care products. In this live episode of the podcast, we chat about her journey from Atlanta, pivoting her startup as markets change, and growing her company in the Queen City.

Latitude Live – Featuring Andrew Martinko

The sun will kill you. Not to be alarming, but if you’re exposed to the sun too long then rest assured you’ll deal with issues later in life. That’s why Andrew Martinko co-founded Suncayr, a revolutionary sticker that indicates how protective your sunscreen is throughout the day. In this Latitude Live, we chat with Andrew about why this is so personal to him, being a Canadian-born startup working in Buffalo, and more!

Latitude Live – Featuring Iba Masood

Iba Masood is a genius, but as impressive as that is, her reciting the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme without warning is equally as impressive. In this live edition of the podcast, host Nate Benson chats with Iba about her incredible journey to the United States and how AI can help companies find better developers to solve problems.

Latitude Live – Featuring Scott Wayman

If you’re a fan of The Office, then this episode is for you. Scott Wayman is basically, for better or worse, Michael Scott. Folks around the 43North incubator can always count on him for pranks and laughs. But aside from his good humor, he’s a remarkable entrepreneur who is shaking up the child care industry with Kangarootime’s all-in-one solution system for child care centers.