Eleven startup companies have committed to projects in Buffalo as part of the Start-Up NY tax breaks program.

The companies receive a variety of breaks on state and local fees, including an income tax exemption on all newly hired employees. They applied through the University at Buffalo and pledged a total of 87 new jobs.

Several of the new Start-Up NY companies were recent winners of the 43North business competition. Most 43North winners eventually get accepted into the tax breaks program as a way to incentivize their continued operations in Buffalo.

The 43North companies accepted into Start-Up NY:

  • Qoints USA Inc., a software-as-a-service company that aggregates digital marketing data and won $250,000 in 43North. Qoints is expanding into the U.S. from Toronto. Qoints pledged to create five jobs.
  • VoiceITT, an Israeli company that won $500,000 in 43North and is developing speech recognition technology that translates unintelligible sounds into coherent speech. VoiceITT pledged to create 10 jobs.
  • Plum, which is moving its sales operations to Buffalo from Waterloo, Ont., after winning $500,000 in 43North. The company uses behavioral psychology to screen job candidates. Plum pledged to create three new jobs.
  • Disease Diagnostic Group, a medical device company moving to Buffalo from Boston after winning $500,000 in 43North. It pledged to create eight jobs.
  • Painless 1099, which has offered a software tool to help contractors track and meet their tax obligations and won $500,000 in 43North. The company’s six-person team recently moved from Richmond to Buffalo. Painless pledged to create 18 jobs.

Other companies approved through the University at Buffalo include:

  • Sedara, an existing New York information security company that is expanding to offer redesigned services and undertake new product development. Sedara pledged the creation of five jobs and will move to the UB Gateway Building in downtown Buffalo.
  • Empirican Clinical Testing Services, another existing local company that is developing a new version of its proprietary system, which is dedicated to rapid and high-quality patient enrollment in clinical research. Empirican pledged to create 15 jobs and move to the Gateway Building.
  • Letchworth, a company that develops software for the accounting industry and is moving from Virginia to Buffalo. Letchworth pledged to create five jobs and move to the Innovation Center.
  • Indago, a new medical device company that is building a social media platform for team-based fundraising events for nonprofits. Indago pledged to create nine jobs and move to the Gateway Building.
  • Atomic Medical Innovations, an Arizona company moving to Buffalo, designs and develops surgical products for the medical device and wound care industry. Atomic pledged three jobs and will move to the Gateway Building.
  • Burgio Health Alliance, an East Amherst-software developer for the human resources community. Burgio pledged the creation of six jobs and will move to the downtown Gateway Building.

Another company, Spherical Block, has become the first approved through Alfred University, pledging nine new jobs as its seeks to develop a new design for concrete masonry blocks.

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