43North: What The Judges Say

Each year, 43North welcomes some of the brightest minds in entrepreneurship and investment to serve as our Finals Award Judges and determine who will take home one of our eight prizes. Certainly no easy task!

After being a 43North judge and spending some time in Buffalo, we asked them what they thought of the city, the 43North competition, and the opportunities they see for startups in our region.

Take a listen to what former judges Soraya Darabi, Erik Moore, Tracy Valorie, Matt Ryan, and Ambarish Mitra, as well as our 2016 Master of Ceremonies Luke Russert, had to say about our region’s revitalization and how passionate and dedicated our community members are to continuing this upward momentum.

If you’ve never thought about the potential for your startup to succeed in Buffalo, now’s the time. Take a few minutes to learn more about who we are, and then apply for your shot at becoming one of the next 43North winners.