43North Music Monday: Weijie Poh and Josh Wang of PathoVax

When Weijie Poh and Josh Wang, co-founders of 2016 43North Winner PathoVax, met in the PhD program at Johns Hopkins University, Weijie announced to their class that he wanted to cure cancer. And now, that’s exactly what PathoVax is striving to do.

There are 15 different forms of Human Papillomavirus, all which can cause cervical and other cancers. PathoVax is advancing a best-in-class HPV vaccine that will be the first to prevent infections of all HPVs that cause cancer in both genders.

Josh and Weijie have been hard at work establishing partnerships with Buffalo’s Roswell Park Cancer Institute and the University of Buffalo as well as maintaining connections with Johns Hopkins. With a workload like that, Weijie and Josh turn to music to keep them focused and motivated throughout the day.

“Here are our top songs that we listen to when we get ‘in the zone,'” says Weijie. “These songs pump me up during work and carry a distinct flair of ingenuity, especially the remixed covers and the looping-based song by Kawehi (look at her video on YouTube, it’s amazing!).”

Listen to this playlist to get a peek into the lives of PathoVax cofounders, Weijie and Josh, and how they stay focused while”blazing the trail to complete protection.” Happy listening!

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