43North Music Monday: Dan Greene, 43North Director of Operations

Dan Greene, Director of Operations at 43North, is known around here for his sense of humor, his impressive resume (Notre Dame grad and a lawyer), and his ability to fight off the temptation to eat the office snacks.

However, on today’s Music Monday, Dan provided us with a playlist for the non-work hours. From upbeat jams to slow beats, this playlist will be your go-to from the hours of 5pm to 9am.

I’ll let him explain why he chose this week’s songs:

  1. Eclisse Twist by Mina – I play this to close out the work week, it creates a great on-off switch in the brain.
  2. Warm Fire Lightning by Satellite Mode – Good song for walking to the bonfire (duh).
  3. Cissy Strut by The Meters – Good song for walking to the office.
  4. Cassanova by Rebirth Brass Band – Good song for walking to porch hangout sessions.
  5. God Only Knows by Young Fathers – Great BPM’s here and the use of a choir; I dig the contrast and energy.
  6. Everybody Lost Somebody by Bleachers – Horns! It feels like the Talking Heads but it’s 2017. And again, horns!
  7. Grace Under Pressure by Elbow – If you can go for a run on an empty beach at sunrise to this song, you’re going to have a great day.
  8. The River by Son Little – Son Little can do anything. Grab all his work.
  9. Cowards by Raleigh Ritchie – For GOT fans, Greyworm has hooks!
  10. Navajo by Masego – It’s a song for taking your sweet time.
  11. Where You Stop For a Minute by Cotton Jones – My advice is to let this song be the nostalgia-generating anthem for some time in your life. It works like that for me.


Enjoy this week’s playlist, and make sure you listen to all of our Music Monday songs on Spotify @forty3north.

Want to hear more from Dan? Take a look at our 43North vlog to see his involvement in the semifinals judging process.