43North Finalist #2 – Asana Medical

Each day, until October 28th, we’ll introduce one of the 43North Finalists so you can learn a bit more about their company!

Today ‘s featured finalist is Asana Medical!

Company Description: Without quality of health, there is no quality of life. Asana seeks to provide a novel treatment for debilitating digestive diseases with a patent-pending medical device that stimulates the body to heal itself. Asana offers a drug-free, surgery-free twist on a proven therapy and targets the $9B ulcerative colitis market.

Background Information
Company Name: Asana Medical Inc.
Company ‘s Hometown: Miami, FL
Team members: Marc Ramer (CEO), Gerard Coombs (Exec VP Finance & Admin), Dr. Christine Sapan (Exec VP R&D)

A Little Q&A
43N: What did you know about Buffalo before registering for the competition?
Asana: Only that my beloved Miami Dolphins get beat there every year.
43N: What 3 personality traits do you think a successful entrepreneur should have?
Asana: Fearlessness-don’t be afraid to fail; Humility-suppress your ego and always make decisions in the best interest of the company, not yourself; Perspective-think macro, not micro.
43N: What is a signature food from your company’s hometown?
Asana: Anything Cuban-arroz con pollo (chicken with rice), platanos maduros (fried plantains), and of course cafe cubano (a very strong, sweet espresso)!
43N: What is your company ‘s greatest strength?
Asana: Experience. Asana’s leadership averages 21 years’ experience and has a tremendous track record of success.
43N: What is the most exciting thing about being an entrepreneur?
Asana: Being able to shape a company as we see fit, to enact change rapidly, and to work with really talented people who share a common vision.

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