BUFFALO, NY – 43North, the $5 million startup competition, is thrilled to announce that its 2018 prizes will be awarded in a new cryptocurrency called “Larkoin.”

“As a bold organization, we need to ensure we’re providing the best financial solutions for our winners,” said Alex Gress, Executive Director of 43North. “My kids were explaining these cryptocurrencies to me at dinner one night and I knew I had to deploy our best people on it.”

After partnering with the New York Mega Power Alliance and several high school graduates on a gap year after successful Bitcoin investments in 2017, 43North is yet again poised to put Buffalo on the map!

The New York Mega Power Alliance will provide 43North with free power for “Larkoin” mining operations. The authority and 43North estimate that only 1.21GWH of power will be necessary for “Larkoin” mining and Western New York customers will only see minor power interruptions.

Said NYMPA part-time press officer Nae Bonnets, “We believe that the daily six-hour blackout periods are worth the cost for startups to be awarded this new type of currency.”

43North IT officials indicate that “Larkoin” will be, in their words, “secure-ish” and not as volatile as other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Cryptokitties, TRON, and SwayCoin.

“We don’t want to reveal too many details of this crypto-ledger, but the futures chart of the coin indicate a 40x ROI for early adopters,” said Dean Green, a Cheektowaga native and 43North IT official working in a 43South office in Argentina.

2018 43North winners will be required to hodl their “Larkoin” for one year afree that  they canexchange them for Bitcoin, Ethereum or another coin of their choice or choose to commit to “Larkoin” long-term.

The general public is encouraged to invest their real dollars into this currency of the future.

To learn more about “Larkoin,” 43North has created a detailed schematics page that explains its value.