43North Alternates – Attend LLC & Programmable Equipment Company

Today marks the end of our featured finalist series!

Today ‘s featured companies are Attend LLC and Programmable Equipment Company!

Attend LLC Company Description: Filmmakers, festivals and studios use RushTera to share huge digital files of video, sound, and stills. RushTera’s unique and patent-pending upload and download acceleration make it simpler and more affordable than shipping drives or installing software at each endpoint of a transfer. Find us on the web at www.rushtera.com

Programmable Equipment Company Description: Programmable Equipment Company has developed a software platform used within the high value, low volume industrial market segment to increase throughput and quality while drastically decreasing the need for worker training. Our software orchestrates manual industrial processes by simultaneously feeding instruction steps to the worker, controlling equipment, and storing data.

Background Information
Company Name: www.RushTera.com (incorporated as Attend LLC)
Company ‘s Hometown: Cazenovia, NY
Team members: Chuck Stormon, CEO; Jeff Roth, CSO; Chris Hawkins, CTO; Petr Chubenko, Build Manager; Jenna Quindica, Developer

Company Name: Programmable Equipment Company LLC
Hometown: Alden, NY
Team members: Jonathan Moscato, David D ‘Andrea

Social Media
Twitter: @rush_tera
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rushtera
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/rushtera
Website: http://www.rushtera.com

Twitter: @WorkAutomate
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/programmable-equipment-company
Website: http://www.workAutomate.com

A Little Q&A
43N: What was the inspiration for your company?
Attend: RushTera solves the frustration every creator of video content feels when they try to collaborate on work-in-progress. Shares files of enormous size! No more FedExing hard-drives!

PEC : There has been very little innovation for millions of industrial workers who perform manual production tasks. A good portion of their time involves looking up, reading, and interpreting written work instructions, then performing the specified tasks on the product using manual tools, and finally hand recording associated data. Production yield and quality is low, and the training costs are high. Our inspiration is to drastically improve the worker’s experience by streamlining these manufacturing processes. Our Work Automate Software automatically feeds rich media cues to the worker at appropriate times within the process including text-to-speech and photographs. The worker then performs the manual tasks as instructed. Because the process is now orchestrated by a computer, we can integrate sequential computerized equipment control within the process. This means the worker completes an applicable task and the computer knows exactly when to control automated equipment. Essentially, we are fusing the activities of man and machine using our software. With our software, we can modernize an entire sector of industry, improving the work lives of workers, while increasing yield and quality, and slashing costs associated with training.

43N: What 3 personality traits do you think a successful entrepreneur should have?
Attend: 1) Tenacity; 2) Integrity; 3) Humility

PEC : 1.) Humility – you need to turn OFF your ego and truly listen to the customer to learn what their problems really are. You will almost never hit it out of the park without learning this first. 2.) Resilience – you will be rejected many times. You need to learn who to actually listen to, and who is a stakeholder in the status quo. Those invested in the status quo will have a lot to lose if you succeed, so they may try to make it hard for you. Do not take rejection personally, either adjust if it’s someone you should listen to, otherwise carry on. 3.) Extremely Strong Work Ethic – during the first 2 years you can expect to work 6 or 7 days a week sometimes 80 hours week. Entrepreneurship is not fun, but you will instead be fed by satisfaction in the possibility of changing the world.

43N: What about Buffalo are you most excited for?
Attend: Having our team together in one co-working space, working along-side other great teams. Oh…and dinner regularly at Oliver ‘s.

PEC: The pieces seem to be coming together in Buffalo and WNY. This area has a truly amazing legacy of industrial innovation. It seems that the level of innovation slowed in recent decades and people’s attitudes soured. But smart investment in the engines of innovation such as the Medical Corridor and the Buffalo Billion are placing the money in sectors of growth, which sure beats using these funds to fill potholes

43N: What did you know about Buffalo before registering for the competition?
Attend: I grew up in Niagara Falls, so I knew a lot about Buffalo.

43N: What is your company’s greatest strength?
Attend: We have killer technology and understand how to deploy it in order to give our customers the most convenient and cost-effective solution possible.

43N: What attracted you to enter the 43North competition?
Attend: The chance to finance our growth without having to move the company out of Upstate New York.

43N: How did you find out about the 43North competition?
Attend: Bright-Buffalo Niagara

43N: Is this your first startup?
Attend: No, I ‘ve had four startups (and four exits!) prior to this.

43N: What do your team members like to do during downtime?
Attend: Downtime? What ‘s that? Oh…I know what you mean. 1) Sleep; 2) Party; 3) Ski.

43N: What advice do you try to follow as a company?
Attend: a) Measure everything and act on data, not opinion; b) The harder we work, the luckier we get; and c) Don ‘t drink your own Kool-Aid which means, always question your assumptions. As a fourth, I would add – Have fun! We have a finite time on this earth, so make sure you ‘re doing something you ‘re passionate about.

43N: What is the most exciting thing about being an entrepreneur?
Attend: Some people like the merry-go-round. I like the roller-coaster!

PEC: The most exciting thing about being an entrepreneur is delivering a finished product that goes a magnitude above their expectations. It’s like delivering to them a car when they were expecting a faster horse and buggy. That’s when you know you are onto something. So delivering well beyond their expectations is exciting.

Who are your professional role models? Why?
Attend: Elon Musk. He solves hard tech problems, changes the world, and holds nothing back.

PEC: Elon Musk is definitely a fantastic role model . He is making the field of engineering exciting again, like it was during the space race. To be a successful entrepreneur you need to be good at a many things, including time management. Where you spend your time is critical, and Elon seems to be a master of time management, running Tesla Motors and Space-X simultaneously – and chairman of Solar City.

What is a signature food from your company’s hometown?
Attend: Chicken Wings! I forgot to say that I ‘m looking forward to lots of wings and weck when I ‘m not eating at Oliver ‘s.

43N: If a TV show was made about your company, who would play your team members?
Attend: I would be played by either Harrison Ford or Lewis Black. Jeff would be played by either John Stewart or Ricky Jay. Chris would be played by either Johnny Depp or Seth Rogan. Petr would be played by either Zack Braff or Paul Rudd, and Jenna would be played by either Jenna Ushkowitz or Sarah Silverman. If it ‘s a comedy, then the line-up would be Lewis Black, John Stewart, Seth Rogan, Paul Rudd and Sarah Silverman. If it ‘s more of a dramedy, then Harrison Ford, Ricky Jay, Johnny Depp, Zack Braff and Jenna Ushkowitz. By the way, can you tell I ‘m into movies?

Thanks for reading through this series!