2020 looked like a year to retreat on the surface, but for 43North, it’s been a year marked by great momentum and the type of traction that turned things we only dreamed about when we started in 2014 into reality.

This year, our portfolio companies raised over $150 million in venture capital, walked away with a million-dollar deal after swimming in ABC’s Shark Tank and helped make a COVID-19 saliva test possible.

We moved into our new home at Seneca One Tower, welcomed a new President in Colleen Heidinger and new family members in our Y6 cohort. We also found ourselves uniquely positioned to aid Buffalo’s small business community in a big way by administering a grant program on behalf of Erie County.

In 2021, we’re optimistic for all that’s to come, including the return of our competition! Until then, check out our 2020 highlights, stay tuned and stay well!

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