Brett Brohl, Managing Partner at Bread and Butter Ventures, joins Cindy Sideris, Sr. Platform Manager at 43North, to discuss four mistakes founders can make when scaling their startup. 



As part of 43North’s accelerator program, we invite venture capitalists and experts from around the country to chat with our founders for monthly fireside chats. 

43North welcomed Brett Brohl, Managing Partner at Bread and Butter Ventures to Buffalo to chat with 43North’s portfolio company founders. Brett’s fireside chat walked through 21 things founders often do that could kill their company. Our portfolio company founders were so inspired by Brett’s tips, we asked him to join us on Latitude to share some of these tips with you, too! 


Before joining the world of venture capital, Brett bootstrapped a few venture-backed startups of his own. Today, he invests in seed-stage companies in food tech, health tech, and enterprise SaaS – including 43North portfolio companies ShearShare, Big Wheelbarrow, and Otrafy. 


Being on both sides of the Cap Table, Brett knows a thing or two about simple mistakes founders can make. In this interview, Cindy and Brett dive into topics surrounding: 

  1. Working with the wrong investors – Brett uses the example that he’s on cap tables longer than the average marriage lasts. It’s important to be smart about who you bring on to your Cap Table. Research your investors and make sure you both have the same vision for the company. 
  2. Building a toxic culture – Culture isn’t beer at 4 o’clock on a Friday. Culture is an intentional process and practice that defines the company. Brett shares his first-hand experience in creating a poor company culture. 
  3. Hiring the wrong people – If someone has a perfect resume on paper, that doesn’t mean they’ll fit the company culture (remember, culture is intentional). Giving into the pressure of hiring can sacrifice the culture of the company. 
  4. Not setting goals – Everyone in the company should know what they’re working towards. Involve the entire team in the goal-setting process and if you’re not good at setting goals, find a mentor or team member who is. 


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