380 Reasons to Stop and Smell the Roses

You don’t need a green thumb to enjoy this year’s Garden Walk Buffalo, all you need are your walking shoes! On July 26 and 27 between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., explore more than 380 different style gardens throughout nearly five miles of the City of Buffalo, stretching from the vibrant Delaware Park to downtown’s City Hall.
Starting in 1995, the original Garden Walk showcased only 29 gardens. Today, that number has grown more than 13 times to also include gardens curated by local churches, community spaces, and businesses. Garden Walk Buffalo is now the largest event of its kind throughout the entire United States, with a number of events starting the Thursday before, including garden touring, dining, scavenger hunts, concerts, exhibitions, farmers markets, parties, and light displays.
While the number of gardens showcased during the Walk has increased, one thing remains the same: the quest to beautify Buffalo’s neighborhoods to promote pride in our community. Participants of the Garden Walk open not only their backyards to the public, but also their homes. It’s not unusual to find many homeowners inviting friends and family over to partake in the festivities with cool beverages and light fare. The Walk is certainly one of the most neighborly event here in the City of Good Neighbors.
Make sure you don ‘t miss the aptly named Cottage District tucked away in between Buffalo’s Allentown and West Side neighborhoods. One of Buffalo’s smallest districts, the Cottage District is known for its quaint and gorgeous stone cottages built in the 1800s. It ‘s a hot spot for the Walk with every neighbor on the street preparing year-round for this event.
The Garden Walk of Buffalo has grown to become one of the biggest and hottest-sometimes literally-event during summertime in Buffalo. Plan ahead and pick up your map in advance to chart your course throughout the weekend. Can ‘t make it this year? This video from Visit Buffalo Niagara is worth a watch to see what you are missing…for real!
Photo credit: photo courtesy Garden Walk Buffalo, (c) D. Zinteck, Photographics 2 (via Artvoice)