11 Apps for Starters

We asked around the incubator, here at 43North, to get some favorite apps for staying organized and staying sane, despite the hectic life of an entrepreneur.

Here’s what’s on the menu:



By and large the most lauded app among 43N entrepreneurs is Slack. Slack is an app for teams. It enhances and simplifies team communication. The app allows for team conversation, heightened privacy settings, seamless file sharing, and easy access to archived conversations.  



Paying someone back has never been easier. Venmo allows users to instantly transfer and receive money. For an entrepreneur (or anyone, really) an app like this is gold. Your friends can no longer “forget” to pay you back, and you can always request grocery money from your mom.


unnamedMint does it all: You can manage your money, pay your bills, manage investments, and
more. Most interesting, and most concerning for me, is the ability to view spending history by category. This is useful for anyone, but particularly so for a startup where every dollar spent matters. When your bill arrives at the end of the month, you can easily see where that extra $500 was spent–probably on food. No? Just me?


frontpageWhether you still get lost in your own city, or you are traveling somewhere new, Rome2Rio is clutch. You input point A and point B and the app will generate every possible way to get there (public transportation, taxi, Uber, walking, driving, planes, boats, etc.) and all possible combinations of these methods. The app then allows you to choose your selected method, giving you the cost and expected travel time for each. It’s perfect for those who travel, and even for those who don’t.


originalDashlane keeps you safe. It’s a place to store your passwords, receipts, credit cards, and everything else of equal importance. Encrypted using the world’s strongest technology, the app allows you to rest easy, knowing that your information is monitored and protected.


Facebook_curb_imageCurb is near and dear to my own heart. Curb is available in 63 cities, including Buffalo. The app works in tandem with taxi companies and allows you to request a cab from your current location. A nearby taxi is then directed to you. There’s no waiting, and cabs may be tracked and paid for via the app. It is the Uber for taxis; it’s perfect in cities where Uber isn’t an option.


img-plum-dashboard-v3Plum.io is a 43North winner-created app. The founders of Plum maintain a service application perfect for any company, startups included. Plum is a predictive hiring tool that assesses prospective employees and selects the best fit for the job. By tailoring new hires to match the job and management style, the selection process combats turnover and ensures employee and boss satisfaction.


18ixaae356rskjpgAny.Do is your ever-evolving to-do list. You can add immediate tasks or build a list of goals for “someday.” The list syncs across devices, so you always know what needs to be done–no  more forgotten deadlines, no more forgotten groceries. The best part? The app rewards you with coupons and deals when you reach benchmarks along the way.



Naturally, Coffitivity is one of our startups’ fav apps. Created by 43North 2015 winners, Painless1099, the app aims to deliver ambient coffee shop sounds that boost creativity. Backed by science, it’s perfect for any startup owners looking to get some work done. The creator, ACe Callwood, says he still plugs in at least twice a week.


charlieThis little-known app is a favorite here at 43North. Charlie allows you to enter meeting times and names of people attending. The app then delivers you a summary of the person(s) prior to the scheduled meeting. Aggregating information from all available sources, you’ll be equipped with up-to-date information and guaranteed talking points to make for a flawless first impression.


screen322x572GrubHub is perfect for overnights in a foreign city or for discovering new restaurants in your own. It allows you to search for food based on location, cuisine, and how lazy you’re feeling that day (delivery option is always the way to go in my opinion). After a few clicks, pre-paid food of your choice will arrive at your door.










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