Top Quotes from the Steve Murray Fireside Chat

Steve Murray sat down with local startups and investors this morning for a fireside chat. Here are just some of our favorite quotes from the session.

  • “None of us could be in the business that we’re in if we let failure ruin us.”
  • “Be prepared to change your point of view based on the information you receive.”
  • On one of the best pieces of advice he’s heard: “Invest in lines, not points.” For those wondering, these wise words were said by @msuster.
  • “The best advisory board members are generally not doing it for the compensation – they’re doing it for the company to succeed.”
  • “I’m not sure I’ve ever been a part of a company or seen a company whose business went completely according to plan.”
  • “Great founders will find the right market even if they’re not in the right market.”
  • “75 years ago, the center of technology and innovation in this country was Detroit. Silicon Valley was an apple orchard. Things change. There are dynamic startups sprouting up all around the country – not just in places like New York City and San Francisco.”
  • “Great leadership, great founders, and great CEOs are what make startups work. They’re passionate, fearless, and tireless.”
  • “I’ve heard a lot about Buffalo for a lot of years from Jordy. They’ve always spoken with such fondness of the region, and how there are great folks there. It obviously is an area that has had its challenges. Ten years ago when I got here Jordy walked me around, and it was in the relatively early stages of a transformation. When Z80 Labs was opening, I saw the beginnings of an ecosystem starting to form. One of the first 4 or 5 people I talked to yesterday had come back to this city to work.  If you can get your young talented folks to go some place else for training, but then come back, that says something really amazing. There’s something really exciting here. That measure of people coming back is a testament to you guys.”
  • “What makes these great companies is the people like you guys in the room that are the founders. Great founders and CEOs are what make these great teams. What stays true through all the cycles, up and down: Great founders, great leaders, great CEOs—they are what make these companies work. The value of leadership and the CEOs of these companies can never be underestimated.”
  • “None of us could be in the business that were in if we let failure ruin us. I’ve been a part of several investments that didn’t work out at all. Obviously you start out thinking that they’re going to be the next best thing. There was a company I can think of that was a complete failure, and it was frustrating. It taught me a lot about capital needs of the business, something I hadn’t originally thought about. Be prepared to change your point of view with new information. Sometimes you have to learn and be prepared to accept that your original premise was wrong.”