Our 6 Favorite Quotes from Startup Grind Buffalo with Mitchell Patterson

The 43North team was in the house on July 30 when Mitchell Patterson from Armory Square Ventures came to Startup Grind Buffalo. Here are our 6 favorite things that he shared with a standing room only crowd at d!g.
“Beware of ‘venture inflation’ – companies haven’t gotten 4x bigger in last few years.”
“I define entrepreneur as a good problem solver. You don’t necessarily need to own a business.”
“The money I give is the least valuable part, the best thing I can do is build connections.”
“You need to approach a VC through a trusted referral source.”
“Best advice? Hire an attorney who knows what they are doing. So many entrepreneurs show up with terrible term sheets. I don’t want to walk you through writing a term sheet.”
“Don’t burn bridges. Don’t get upset or angry when someone says ‘no.’ You never know if you’ll need to ask them again or who they know. Just because I don’t think it’s good idea doesn’t mean it’s not.”
Next up for Startup Grind Buffalo? A talk on August 27 with Ty Shattuck, the Managing Director of Aethon Technologies, a sensors and analytics firm with offices in Rochester, Toronto, London, and San Diego. Learn more here.