Meet Our Year Four $500,000 Winner: Femi Secrets

Femi Secrets provides the ultimate protection to women of all ages during their monthly menstrual cycle. Their premiere product, Pretty Panty, guarantees no leaks! Femi Secrets specializes in eco-friendly, healthy, and savvy options for women. Keeping women beautiful, comfortable, and confident.

Hometown: Atlanta, GA


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Q&A With Davielle Jackson, Founder and President

How can working in the Buffalo startup ecosystem help your startup thrive?

Buffalo, as well as New York, is perfect for our company. One issue we have is that we can’t keep product in stock! We sell out all the time, and our current manufacturers can’t get product to us quickly enough from overseas. Buffalo, via 43North, offers us the opportunity to open our first manufacturing facility (made in America). New York is a main hub for fabric and all deliverables needed for our production, and Femi Secrets could open the opportunity for many new jobs.

If you could perform live on stage with one singer or band, who would it be? Why?

Beyonce! She is so dedicated to her craft and will go to any limit to perfect it. She gives her all, no matter how famous or wealthy she is. Her dedication is remarkable.

Describe your team in three words.

Motivated. Accomplished. Dedicated.

The startup life can be a real grind. What do you and your team members do to blow off some steam or during downtime?

We make sure to keep the process fun! We hang out together, laugh, and joke about life! We support each other in our passions outside of the company and elevate each other while off the clock.

How did your team meet each other?

Via previous jobs and peer introductions.

What’s the biggest reward from running your startup?

The gratitude and appreciation from women when we solve a problem they thought no product could solve. Just knowing that we are helping people keeps us going.

Finish this sentence: “I’ll know my company has succeeded when…”

…we are available on every store shelf, every retail chain, and in every market where feminine hygiene products are currently offered and sold. Every woman should have a healthy and safe option.

What problem is your startup solving?

When women have their monthly menstrual cycle, they have leaks. Leaks cause embarrassment, loss of money, loss of clothing, and loss of self-esteem. Femi Secrets guarantees no leaks with our patented product Pretty Panty. Femi Secrets offer several solutions to provide the ultimate protection and confidence during vulnerable times for women. These vulnerable times, including but not limited to: menstrual cycle, bladder issues, pregnancy/delivery, and child rearing.

Did you have an entrepreneurial side at a young age? Explain.

Yes, my mother reminds me that when I was 8 years old, our neighbor brought me home and said to my mother that I was asking her for a job. My mother and father both were business owners. I knew I wanted to create my own wealth just as they did.

What’s something you wish you knew about being an entrepreneur when you were still in high school?

That it is so fun and liberating. High school teaches you to go out and get a job, not start a business. I would have loved to have taken a entrepreneurial course in high school. It would have change the course of my life.

Describe a time when you failed – how did you respond or come back from it?

I don’t consider myself failing at any point. I have always been a hard working, dedicated individual, and when something does not go my way, I evaluate it, fix it, and make sure it never happens again. However, on our first entry into Walmart stores, I delivered way too much product – against the buyer’s advice. I have learned from that to listen to the experts. I learned that I don’t know it all, and should pay attention to those who have done this for years.

Explain your startup as if you were explaining to a kindergartener.

Femi Secrets is a brand to help women and girls feel beautiful, confident, and safe. We help them by producing products to make life easier and keep women healthy. The environment is very important to us as well, so we keep all products safe for the planet, which means safe for you!

In high school, you were voted:

Most athletic and most likely to succeed.

What’s your why? (Why did you create this company?)

I created the company because a woman came to me with an issue, and the limits she would go to fix it were just painful. Women have a hard time in life; one way I can help them and make them feel better is via my products and company. There is no better feeling than women looking up to me and saying “thanks,” as well as knowing that they too can make a change in the world. I want to create a legacy and motivate the innovators as well as women.

If you could go back in time and talk to yourself at the beginning stages of your company, what advice would you give yourself?

I would like to tell myself to slow down. However, I’m not sure if that was a mistake. Our swift movement got us to this point now with 43North! Nonetheless, sometimes I had a tendency to say yes to things I didn’t have, but went and created them after they were requested. Now, I learned if I don’t have it, be honest and work on a suitable timeframe it can be delivered.

What was the moment when you thought to yourself, “This (idea/company) could actually work?”

When women loved the products, were buying them in multiples, and the products actually fixed the issues. No more leaks!

Name a few items on your personal bucket list.

I have done a pretty much anything you can think of. Entrepreneurship has allowed me to see the world and live my dreams. But I do want to get married and have kids someday.

What are you most proud of this far in your life? (It doesn’t have to be business related.)

I’m proud of the person I am, that I am a leader and stand firm in my morals and beliefs. It has led me to this point in life. I’m proud that I always have faith in myself and abilities and don’t let people get me down.

Who are your heroes?

Steve Jobs, Oprah, and my Mother and Father.


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