Vivacelle Bio, Inc.

2017 Finalist


Vivacelle Bio is developing VBI-1, a novel nanoparticle fluid to reverse adverse effects of blood loss. Preclinical studies demonstrate that VBI-1 is safer and more effective than current fluids used for resuscitation in shock. VBI-1 protects organs, while blood may cause organ damage. The worldwide market is estimated at $13 billion.


Stephen Keith
Cuthbert Simpkins
President & Chief Innovation Officer
Harven DeShield
Chief Legal & Operating Officer
Krishna Talluri
Chief Medical Officer


How can working in the Buffalo startup ecosystem help your startup thrive?

CS We are confident that the combination of an entrepreneurial environment in Buffalo that is committed to providing investment capital and other support, along with the outstanding preclinical and clinical research resources, will facilitate our success and survival. In addition, Buffalo has contract manufacturing facilities that have the capacity and expertise to manufacture VBI-1; we have already visited with them and had preliminary discussions.

Name a few items on your personal bucket list.

Understand gravity and play the piano well.