Rachel’s Remedies

2017 Finalist


Rachel’s Remedies makes natural consumer medical products designed to solve important healthcare issues. Rachel’s Remedies licenses its Breastfeeding Relief Packs and Antimicrobial Breast Pads to Dr. Brown’s, the #1 baby bottle seller in the U.S. with distribution in over 60 countries. New products are in development with patents pending.


Rachel Jackson


What’s the biggest reward from running your startup?

By far, the biggest reward I've received from Rachel's Remedies is getting feedback from moms who we've helped increase their milk supply or relieved their pain.

Did you have an entrepreneurial side at a young age? Explain.

Yes! I lived across from Delaware Park and when I was 8, I used to make popcorn, portion it in small bags and sell it at Shakespeare in the Park. I also tried to sell my artwork in kindergarten, but the market only consisted of my parents and a few aunts. I started my law firm with my brother in 2005.

Do you have any rituals you will do before you pitch for 43North?

Every time I have a big presentation or have to do something that makes me nervous, I play “50 Ways To Leave Your Lover” by Paul Simon and sing it on the top of my lungs. I don't know if there's a soundproof room at Shea's that can accommodate this ritual.