Moving Analytics

2017 Finalist


Moving Analytics helps hospitals implement virtual cardiac rehab and secondary prevention programs for cardiovascular disease. They are based on MULTIFIT, a home-based disease management program that has shown 40% all-cause readmission reduction, 60% enrollment, 90% completion and equivalent clinical outcomes.


Harsh Vathsangam, PhD.
Co-Founder & CEO
Ade Adesanya
Shuo Qiao
Co-Founder & Engineering
Nancy Houston Miller, RN
Chief Clinical Officer


What problem is your startup solving?

HV Cardiac rehab (CR) is a post-acute program for patients with recent cardiac events. Patients who complete CR cut their risk of readmissions by a third. However, only 20% of patients enroll because it's inconvenient, expensive (36 hospital visits and up to $1,800 copay) and clashes with work schedules. In the short-term, hospitals lose revenue. With the advent of bundled payments for cardiac care and value-based contracts, hospitals will have to pay the cost of readmissions if these patients return ($3 million per site annually).

What’s your why? (Why did you create this company?)

To affect the millions of lives that have heart attacks today but don't get adequate care because of stupid issues like cost and distance.