2017 Finalist


MobioSense is changing the future of heart care. They created HERO: a portable and affordable device detecting cardiac biomarkers like Troponin at high-sensitivity. With just one drop of blood and 10 minutes, HERO provides quantitative results with 100 times the sensitivity and 70% lower in cost compared to current tests.


Justin Yang
Chief Medical Officer


Describe a time when you failed - how did you respond or come back from it?

We failed miserably when we were a finalist for 43North last year and didn't advance to the final competition. I went through the complete "5 stages of grief"- from embarrassment to shock to denial to anger to self-pity - all in one day. Before I left Buffalo, I made a promise to myself that we would come back next year and come back stronger. We went home, deconstructed and reconstructed our business roadmap with industry-leading mentors, and repeatedly tested it on different occasions. And here we are, back and brand new.

When you can’t sleep, what do you do?

I read Harrison's Principle of Internal Medicine. Perhaps that's why I never get past page 1.