2017 Finalist


Dozop, LLC designs unique, ready-to-assemble utility carts to help you transport personal belongings. The product line includes dollies, lift trucks and accessories that are modular, lightweight and compact – ideal for storage in a car trunk, office closet or apartment. They can be used to move heavy items around the block, and work both indoors and outdoors.


Luca Buttazzoni


What's something you wish you knew about being an entrepreneur when you were still in high school?

Nothing. I was lucky to have all the difficulties that I did so that I could crash hard and learn more. It is not important how many times you fall in life, but how many times you get up.

What was the moment when you thought to yourself, this (idea/company) could actually work?

From day one of getting the first prototype in my hands.

What do you fear?

Not being a better person than who I was yesterday, and not finding enough time to give back!