Cellular Preservation Technologies, LLC

2017 Finalist


Cellular Preservation Technologies (CPT) is a medical device company focused on applying their unique technology for the preservation of human cells across multiple cell and tissue types. Their initial focus is on the preservation of blood platelets, where there is a high degree of product waste due to their short shelf-life (4-5 days).


Matthew Colpoys
Ilya Ilyin
Suresh Lakshmanan


Explain your startup as if you were explaining to a kindergartener:

Cancer patients sometimes need to refuel their blood because their treatments cause them harm. The fuel that is used is very valuable, and much of it goes to waste because it is not used before it rots. Our product puts the fuel to sleep, so that it takes much longer to rot. Therefore, not as much is wasted and more sick patients can get the fuel they need to help them beat cancer.

If you could perform live on stage with one singer or band, who would it be? Why?

Frank Sinatra. I've been listening to him since I was a kid.