43North Music Monday: Jenae Pitts of OneTen Capital

Many of us here in the 43North incubator can’t survive the work week (let alone any week) without some good tunes piping through our headphones. Sometimes all you need is good music and before you know it, you’ll be checking off tasks like rapid-fire. Enter our new Music Monday series! Each week we will release a new Spotify playlist which will include picks from one of our staff members, winners, friends or sponsors.

First Up? Jenae Pitts – a Partner and Co-Founder at OneTen Capital and one of 43North’s friends and sponsors.

Says Jenae, “These are some of the songs keeping me busy lately … the beats are sunny and have enough movement for a productive day. I finished the list off with a song from my all time favorite guitar crush.”

Continue working hard, and enjoy!