43North Finalist # 9 – Medical Conservation Devices

Each day, until October 28th, we’ll introduce one of the 43North Finalists so you can learn a bit more about their company!

Today ‘s featured finalist is Medical Conservation Devices!

Company Description: Based on an exclusively licensed patent portfolio from the University of Buffalo, Medical Conservation Devices has developed a low-cost anesthesia machine to expand the use of anesthesia globally, including in later approvals to sedate critically ill patients and provide anesthesia to up to 8 patients at one time.

Background Information
Company Name: Medical Conservation Devices, LLC
Company ‘s Hometown: Batavia, NY
Team members: Brian Bell (CEO), Brad Fuhrman (CMO), Doug DuFaux (Engineer), Kathy Selover (Regulatory), Karl Cremer (Clinical Trial Director)

A Little Q&A
43N: What was the inspiration for your company?
MCD: The clinical insight regarding sedation issues in the ICU of Dr Fuhrman, the technology inventor and former Director of ICU at Women and Children’s Hospital in Buffalo.
43N: What 3 personality traits do you think a successful entrepreneur should have?
MCD: Good judgment, perseverance, trustworthiness.
43N: Is this your first startup?
MCD: All the team members have been involved in several startups previously, and this is Dr Fuhrman’s third invention to be commercialized. If you recall the movie the Abyss, where the deep sea diver gets his lung filled with a fluid but yet he is still able to breath. That technology is real, and Dr Fuhrman was one of the pioneers in applying this technology to improve oxygen exchange in pre-mature babies with diseased lungs.
43N: What do your team members like to do during downtime?
MCD: What downtime? This is a startup!!!
43N: What is the most exciting thing about being an entrepreneur?
MCD: As a startup, the world is against you. Convincing the world one person at a time that your vision of the future is compelling, is the most exciting and satisfactory nature of being an entrepreneur.

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