43North Finalist #7 – HemoGenyx

Each day, until October 28th, we’ll introduce one of the 43North Finalists so you can learn a bit more about their company!

Today ‘s featured finalist is HemoGenyx!

Company Description: HemoGenyx is a biotechnology company developing a revolutionary new treatment for blood diseases, such as leukemia and lymphoma. We leverage a special class of cells, which can generate cancer-free blood stem cells. Our therapy will dramatically increase the efficacy of bone marrow transplants and eliminate the need for donors.

Background Information
Company Name: HemoGenyx LLC
Company ‘s Hometown: New York, NY
Team members: Deena Malkina, Vladislav Sandler, Alexis Sandler

Social Media
Twitter: @HemoGenyx
Facebook: www.facebook.com/hemogenyx
Website: www.hemogenyx.com

A Little Q&A
43N: What was the inspiration for your company?
HemoGenyx: Dr. Vladislav Sandler’s work in the lab, the results of which are at the heart of the HemoGenyx business, was an outgrowth of his own personal experience with the loss of close relatives from blood diseases like leukemia and lymphoma. Thus, the inspiration for HemoGenyx is the widespread need for a more effective treatment for such blood diseases.
43N: What 3 personality traits do you think a successful entrepreneur should have?
HG: A successful entrepreneur is persistent, determined and flexible.
43N: What about Buffalo are you most excited for?
HG: We are particularly excited to be in a city that values new businesses and innovation. We also look forward to the rich biomedical research environment that Buffalo offers, including Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus, Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Buffalo Clinical and Translational Research Center, Buffalo State University, along with medical device companies headquartered in Buffalo. Moreover, the high quality of life in the Buffalo region is important for our long-term success!
43N: What did you know about Buffalo before registering for the competition?
HG: We were certainly familiar with Buffalo’s professional sports teams, the Bills and the Sabres, and, of course, its proximity to Niagara Falls. We were also quite fond of buffalo wings. Thanks to the 43North competition, we’ve now know so much more about what the city has to offer, and cannot wait to join the community of innovators there!
43N: What is your company’s greatest strength?
HG: HemoGenyx’s greatest strengths are the science behind the company and our passion for saving lives.
43N: What attracted you to enter the 43North competition?
HG: What attracted us to the 43North competition were the network, resources and environment that 43 North provides and that are needed for the company’s success.
43N: How did you find out about the 43North competition?
HG: We were introduced to reps for 43North at a business meetup in New York City.
43N: Is this your first startup?
HG: No.
43N: What do your team members like to do during downtime?
HG: Both Dr. Sandler and Alexis Sandler are avid skiers, and Deena Malkina is active in improvisational theater!
43N: What advice do you try to follow as a company?
HG: When people tell you it can’t be done, forget about them and just do it
43N: What is the most exciting thing about being an entrepreneur?
HG: The most exciting thing about being an entrepreneur is the freedom to innovate and do what excites you.
43N: Who are your professional role models? Why?
HG: Jonas Salk because he was undeterred by the accepted scientific dogma of his time and as a result was ultimately able to save countless lives.
43N: What is a signature food from your company’s hometown?
HG: Bagels.
43N: If a TV show was made about your company, what would your theme song be?
HG: “Start Me Up,” The Rolling Stones.
43N: If a TV show was made about your company, who would play your team members?
HG: Dr. Sandler: Dustin Hoffman; Deena Malkina: Tina Fey; Alexis Sandler: Sigourney Weaver!

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