43North Finalist #6 – Genetesis

Each day, until October 28th, we’ll introduce one of the 43North Finalists so you can learn a bit more about their company!

Today ‘s featured finalist is Genetesis!

Company Description: Genetesis is a biotechnology company oriented towards optimizing drug design for treatment of heart rhythm disorders by applying novel algorithms, which analyze real-time functional heart electrophysiology. Using a patent-pending system, including a non-invasive sensor array and powerful software, Genetesis is able to quantify responsiveness to drugs before they are administered.

Background Information
Company Name: Genetesis
Company ‘s Hometown: Columbus, OH
Team members: 12

Social Media
Twitter: @Genetesis1
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Genetesis
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/genetesis-llc
Website: www.genetesis.com

A Little Q&A
43N: What was the inspiration for your company?
Genetesis: My grandfather had always been a childhood hero to me. He grew up with a very difficult childhood, raising a family (including my mother, Sharda) with a few cents to his name. He built himself into a humble, dedicated man who remains to this day, selfless and incredibly spiritual. From the very start, he sparked curiosity in me, and inspired me. In 2006, my grandfather was diagnosed with several cardiac rhythm and neurodegenerative disorders. At the time, I was ten years old and had no exposure to medicine – for me, my grandfather was simply an old car, and the doctor a mechanic, who would be able to fix him with a few tweaks here, and a few bolts tightened there. But it was nothing like that – medicine was a lot more complex. The physicians provided me with pages and pages of information regarding his diseases and their known and unknown attributes. The unknown was shockingly simple – no cure. Pages of data and information, yet no cure available. Since that time, I became obsessed with curing my own grandfather – I researched ion channels and the body’s connectedness via bioelectricity while my friends played Xbox and talked about their tough lives because their phones got taken away for the weekend. Genetesis is the product of several dedicated years to translational research, and the maturity of game-changing ideas and concepts that will be able to save not only my grandfather, but all of those heroes, just like him, who are out there having to face the drawbacks of the lack of technological advancement in cardiac rhythm management.
43N: What 3 personality traits do you think a successful entrepreneur should have?
Genetesis: All entrepreneurs should innately have: 1.) Mission-driven leadership. It is imperative for any entrepreneur to be committed, but the mechanism by which an entrepreneur can be sure to remain committed is his/her mission. In order to benefit oneself, one must benefit others; it’s a central tenet of microeconomics. 2.) Reject authority yet be pragmatic. Entrepreneurs shouldn’t always be fans of the status quo – they seek to create a new status quo with innovation, and create a pathway to achieving that means – it’s important to have well-defined plans, but also maintain the mindset that it doesn’t always go to plan. Just as it is in science: If you got it right the first time, I wouldn’t believe you. 3.) Open-Mindedness mixed with Decisiveness. All entrepreneurs have been told to keep an open mind so as to allow and encourage strategic partners and advisors to provide meaningful insights through their experiences. However, it is just as important to be a problem-solver who maintains serenity during pressure, and is strategic in their own decision making. Not coincidentally, part of this decision making should involve keeping an open mind!
43N: What is your company’s greatest strength?
Genetesis: The company’s greatest strength is in our ability to focus on problems, rather than jumping straight to solutions. By doing so, we were able to identify the key market gaps, and the most innovative ways of bringing about swift, easily adoptable change to that market. Because of this, our platform technology has the first mover advantage, as well as an innovative mixture of trade secret algorithms and patent-pending methodologies!
43N: What do your team members like to do during downtime?
Genetesis: We’re all ping pong masters – we pride ourselves in our abilities!
43N: Who are your professional role models? Why?
Genetesis: As a Thiel Fellowship Finalist, I personally find the values and philosophies of Peter Thiel and Elon Musk to be pragmatic, innately curious, and in general, the right way to move the human race forward. Their visions seem contrarian to most, but to the mission-driven entrepreneur with a grand vision for the future, and a realistic means of realizing such a vision, it begins to make sense. These individuals believe in an information era led by young innovators, and see to it that innovation and entrepreneurship lead to tangible human advances in high tech sectors such as biotech, energy and more.

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