43 Thanksgiving Dinner Topics So You Avoid Talking About Politics

Not to get political, but no one wants to talk about politics at the Thanksgiving dinner table. So the researchers and data scientists at 43North have compiled the ultimate list of Thanksgiving dinner conversation topics/activities that aren’t politics:

    1. Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency – and why is Uncle Frank putting the kid’s college fund into it?
    2. Angel investing – learn all about it prior to dinner
    3. Favorite holiday movie, and why?
    4. The weather
    5. How good those mashed potatoes are
    6. Gravy’s of the world
    7. Location ideas for your LinkedIn profile picture
    8. Favorite new breweries in WNY
    9. Peterman or Taylor?
    10. Simon or Garfunkel?
    11. Troubleshoot reasons why your Dad’s phone isn’t syncing to iCloud
    12. Explain what Snapchat is (for everyone over the age of 25)
    13. Your favorite pitch from Shark Tank
    14. What would you do with a million dollars?
    15. What would you do with a hundred dollars?
    16. Which do you prefer: dogs or kids?
    17. Vacation plans for 2018 that won’t bankrupt you
    18. Updates on your company/career
    19. Is a turkey frank a hotdog or sandwich?
    20. What can you do to make your city better?
    21. Share where you found your Thanksgiving recipes
    22. The newest can’t-miss restaurants in town
    23. Favorite Lindy Ruff tie
    24. Ask everyone what they want for the holidays
    25. Plan out your Black Friday/Cyber Monday strategy
    26. Explain to senior members of the family how to take a selfie
    27. Favorite wintertime activity in WNY
    28. Vest or Coat, you’ll see both each winter in WNY
    29. Your favorite beer, wine, liquor to survive family dinners
    30. Who will win a championship first: Bills or Sabres?
    31. 3 items on your personal bucket list
    32. Is it a buffalo wing or a chicken wing? If you live in Buffalo, you better not get this wrong.
    33. Explain lingo the “kids” are using these days
    34. Which countries do you hope to travel to someday?
    35. Favorite concert you’ve ever been to
    36. Your best/worst first date story
    37. Apple or Android?
    38. Pitch your startup idea
    39. Go around the table and compile the ultimate family Spotify playlist
    40. Plan a family outing to somewhere none of you have been
    41. Soda or Pop? Again, if you’re from Buffalo you better get this right.
    42. Favorite thing about living in Buffalo
    43. Your favorite 43North winner


This should keep you occupied during Thanksgiving dinner so you can avoid cataclysmic arguments about politics. That being said, may your gravy be flowing, your biscuits be fluffy, your turkey basted, and your Thanksgiving plentiful with friends family and loved ones.